Raise Finance Development Update — March 22, 2022


After many intensive months of building, and working non-stop to get our product and idea out with as much quality as possible, we’re happy to announce major piece of technical work is almost completed.

We are cognizant that gas fees of swap transaction on the Ethereum mainnet can be very high and Layer2 or alternative L1 DEX solutions are unreservedly a cheaper and more appropriate solution for users, but occasionally it is unavoidable and imminent to make couple or more DEX trades on the mainnet. That is why we extremely intrigued to introduce a gas-free, MEV protected trading feature for Raise Finance users. Although users still have to make one allowance approval transaction for a token they intend to trade (costs way less than a typical swap transaction on Uniswap), once you do it, you will be able to submit unlimited number of signed offchain orders through Raise Finance interface without paying any gas fees. All fees will be covered by a portion of tokens you trade.

As a bonus, all your trades will be MEV-protected, which means you will get a better deal trading on Raise Finance than on Uniswap L1.

Multichain experience

The future is most probably multichain. But thinking about onboarding another 1 billion users to the decentralized finance world, we can hardly imagine these users be required to understand all the technical aspects of making an L1 or L2 transaction. Or bridging a token from one network to another. Or understanding the underlying security between Ethereum, Arbitrum or Avalanche networks. Users should care about the speed, costs and ease of use. All other technical details should be covered beneath the layer of easy-to-use interface. And from day 1 our team goal is to build that perfect experience of using a blockchain app for another billion users.

Raise Finance Smart Contracts

The Developments and Smart Contracts are almost complete. There are some minor changes that we will have to make in next few weeks. We’re currently having a few practice runs and running which has all the major features.

A quick glance at Raise Finance platform.

Next steps

What about the next steps?

  • Bridge interface
  • External Smart contract Audit
  • Testnet release

The Testnet is just the first stepping stone for building a strong ecosystem for everyone who wants to fundraise, invest and make payments on Raise Finance.

General Thoughts

Heads down, full steam ahead.

We’re just getting started!

Learn More About Raise Finance on:
Website: www.raisefinance.io
Medium, Telegram Announcement channel, Telegram discussion,Twitter, Discord

Raise Finance reminds: Trading and/or generally investing in any cryptocurrency involve significant risks and can result in the complete loss of your capital. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose and you should ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.



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