Raise Finance Litepaper


This paper is the culmination of 11 months of research and hard work. As we enter the next stage of Raise Finance, it is crucial that our core document reflects the reality of the product we are building.

In this paper, we pitch Raise Finance, a platform for decentralized on-chain payments, and fundraising, built on ZkSync and governed by the Raise DAO.


According to Crypto.com, based on the growth rate observed over the course of the last year, the total number of users of cryptocurrencies could cross 1 billion by December 2022. However, there are 2 sides to this coin — even though there has been an increase in the number of crypto users, the same trend isn’t visible in terms of crypto adoption. We are yet to see a major shift towards crypto adoption across the world. Over the past few months, the rate at which real business sectors and industries are integrating blockchain technology into their operations has stagnated.


Raise Finance is a platform for decentralized on-chain payments, fundraising, and investments built on ZkSync 2.0, and governed by Raise DAO. Raise Finance aims to create a robust DeFi ecosystem that will serve to provide access to the highest quality projects and secure on-chain payment gateway solutions via Raise Pay and Raise Store TG Bot integration. While building the platform, all the protocols that were implemented were done keeping the pillars of speed, security, and cost-effectiveness in mind.

The Raise Finance product suite consists of 2 main components and all components are in whole or/and in part governed/controlled by Raise DAO:

1. Raise Store TG bot & Raise Pay

2. Raise Launchpad

Set up on-chain Stores on Telegram via Raise Store Bot from Anywhere

Once users have set up a Raise Store Telegram bot to create stores on Telegram with a pleasant yet customizable UX/UI, they can then connect their Argent wallet and use it to buy/sell goods and services as well as complete on-chain cryptocurrency transactions from anywhere in the world. This is possible through multiple payout options supported by the ZkSync 2.0 protocol.

The buying/selling experience will be consistent through devices, and everything can be set up with minimal coding knowledge.

Sell Safely and Integrate Raise Pay Process Smoothly

Users can also integrate the fast, cheap, and secure Raise payment gateway as well as merchant accounts to accept worldwide on-chain payments in cryptocurrencies via the ZkSync 2.0 protocol.

In order to begin using the app, all users will have to complete the KYC process — this is to protect against the risk of fraud and also to comply with various legal requirements worldwide.

The ZkSync protocol is designed to bring a VISA-scale throughput of thousands of transactions per second (TPS) to the Ethereum blockchain while keeping the funds as secure as they would be in the underlying L1 accounts and still maintaining a high degree of censorship resistance. Another important aspect of the protocol is its ultra-low latency: transactions in ZK Sync will provide instant economic finality.

At Raise Finance, we are focused on providing the best user experience in the industry and we believe that low transaction fees (the average fee on ZkSync is $0.05) and fast confirmation time are essential to a great user experience for a blockchain app, which is reflected in the platform.

Raise Launchpad

The Raise Launchpad was built keeping scalability and transaction costs for users at the forefront.

It aims to provide the best-in-class user experience and, therefore, the tenets of usability, scalability, and low transaction costs for our users are the topmost priority. The platform will host IDO/INOs on multiple networks, giving our users and project owners the option of using the network that is most aligned with their technical stack and convenience. As we envision our product on multiple networks, bridging tokens between multiple layer-2 solutions is another vital part of our application for the optimal user experience.

Our vision is to support different top-tier projects in the crypto-blockchain area through IDOs and we do this by incubating projects in a variety of sectors including the Metaverse, P2Y, DeFi, NFTs, and Blockchain Infrastructure. We aim to popularize blockchain technology across the world and speed up the process of crypto adoption.

Market weaknesses — Centralized launchpads

There are several launchpads and fundraising platforms out there in the market that claim to be decentralized, however, when it comes to most important matters, they still operate in a highly centralized manner. This is because while they do provide their investors and participants with some degree of voting power, the key decisions are still made by the founders and owners of the project and not the community.

What this means is that for key decisions, the community actually has very little say. However, we at Raise Finance wish to change this. In our projects, all the key decisions are made solely by the Raise DAO. Our decision-making process is highly decentralized and community-centric.

The project also goes one step further and believes that decentralized decision-making should not be limited to merely the decisions made during the project. Even the choice of projects that we will choose to launch is highly dependent on the choice and wishes of the community.

All users will have to first pass the KYC process to comply with regulations and protect against fraud or Ponzi schemes.

Raise VC

Raise VC enables retail investors to participate in primary market investments. Our Raise Finance analyst team will complete the due diligence and the research on a variety of early-stage projects, and then the most suitable projects are added to the website, where Raise DAO members will vote on their preferred projects and the amount that they would be willing to invest in the project.

The Raise VC budget/funds will consist of investments made by Raise DAO members and only Raise DAO is legally entitled to dispose of Raise VC budget/funds via on-chain voting.

Raise DAO

The members of the Raise DAO are:

1. Stakers of the Raise token

2. Liquidity providers

Raise DAO is a voting and governance tool that allows DAO members to vote on active on-chain proposals.

The main goal of the Raise DAO is to provide a governance structure that broadens participation and distributes power from the Raise Finance team to the Raise Finance community. Raise DAO enables Raise Finance to be a more transparent and accountable organization, better committed to serving its community in a meaningful manner.

The voting mechanism used by Raise DAO will be a one-staked/LP-one-vote design, meaning that one staked/LP Raise is equivalent to one vote for a proposal.


Total Supply: 100,000,000 RAISE tokens (ERC-20)


· 8% Ecosystem & Reserves: 11-month cliff, then released monthly over 48 months

· 10% Current Raise Finance Team: 11-month cliff, then monthly over 48 months

· 3% Advisors and Future Teams: 6-month cliff, then released monthly over 12 months

· 25% DEX/Staking Rewards

· 7% Community Incentives: 11-month cliff, then released monthly over 24 month

· 1% Airdrop: 1-month cliff, then 30% per month, last month 10%

· 10% Marketing: 2 — months cliff, then released monthly over 24 months

· 15% Incubatees: 8- months cliff, then released monthly over 24 months

· 3% Seed (angel investors) sale: TGE 15%, then released monthly over 8 months

· 13% Private (strategic sale): TGE 10%, then released monthly over 9 months

· 5% Public: TGE 15%, then released monthly over 6 months

Utility of the RAISE Tokens

The RAISE token is the native utility token of the Raise Finance platform and provides holders with several benefits


RAISE tokens can be staked or deposited into liquidity pools on the Raise Finance platform to earn additional rewards. Investors who stake RAISE tokens will gain access to IDO/INOs and voting rights on Raise DAO. The quantity of RAISE tokens staked determines the exact proportion of these allocations and access

Raise DAO & Voting mechanism

RAISE token holders will be able to vote on active on-chain proposals to decide on the projects that they think are the most worthy of their investment.

Transaction fees

By ZkSync integration, The RAISE token will be used to pay for transaction fees on the Raise Finance (future perspectives).


  1. Crypto market sizing. Jan 2022. https://assets.ctfassets.net/hfgyig42jimx/5i8TeN1QYJDjn82pSuZB5S/85c7c9393f3ee67e456ec780f9bf11e3/Cryptodotcom_Crypto_Market_Sizing_Jan2022.pdf

Learn More About Raise Finance on:

Website: www.raisefinance.io
Medium, Telegram Announcement channel, Twitter, Discord

By using Raise Finance Application and investing in our token, you will be deemed to have:

(I) read the Legal notice and other informational materials about the operation of the Raise Finance Application.

(II) confirmed that you are not based in a jurisdiction where buying, trading, and/or owning our token or other Cryptocurrencies would be prohibited or restricted in any manner. The Raise Finance APP is not available in Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chad, Comoros, Seychelles, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Uganda, United States, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Virgin Islands (U.S.), Yemen, Zimbabwe.

(III) understood that, despite our best efforts, there can still be exploited risks that exist within the app. (Please do not invest more than you can afford to lose.)



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Raise Finance

Raise Finance

A platform for decentralized on-chain payments, fundraising, and investments built on #zkSync and Governed by Raise DAO