Raise Finance staking testnet is live on ZkSync 2.0.

We are excited to announce that after months of intense work, the staking Testnet is now released!

Just in case you hadn’t already caught on, Raise Finance is a platform for decentralized fundraising(launchpad), payments, and investments, built on ZkSync 2.0.

Step 1. Get some free Goerli ETH

To start things off, as the ZkSync 2.0. testnet is running on the Goerli network, you will need to get some free Goerli ETH first for gas.

You also need to fill up some basic info, which can be done for free on https://goerlifaucet.com/.

Step 2. After receiving Goerli ETH

Head to https://portal.zksync.io/ and connect your wallet. You will automatically be asked to add the “zkSync 2.0 testnet Goerli” network.


You may also add the network manually to your metamask.

Network Name: zkSync alpha testnet

New RPC URL: https://zksync2-testnet.zksync.dev

Chain ID: 280


We first go to “Bridge” then “Deposit” to deposit some from $ETH Goerli to zkSync Goerli. These bridged-free ZkETH tokens will be used for gas fees. Don’t bridge all tokens.

Step 3.

Time to populate(top up) your wallet with RFI test tokens

1. Copy your address in your Metamask wallet:

2. Join Discord if you haven’t already.

3. Request/Mint RFI test tokens by using the below-mentioned command in the #🛠-testnet-faucet channel on Discord. You can mint several times.


/mint (and insert your address in the box)

Test token address


Step 4.

Stake, mint, stake, claim rewards, stake claimed rewards, upgrade your tiers, get more tickets, and lock your tokens for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.


We’re excited to deliver the fundraising and investment platform (IDO, INO, Staking, Staking LP, Swap, Investment) the mainnet to all of our supporters in October but our first priority remains safety! As we speak, we are conducting the security audit of Raise Finance. Your security is our top priority and we want to double-check that all security concerns are addressed before releasing the main product.

If you have any major OR minor discoveries/suggestions, do text us in our Discord.

The launch of the payment platform is scheduled for the next quarter.

Learn More About Raise Finance on:

Testnet: test.raisefinance.io
Website: www.raisefinance.io
Medium, Telegram Announcement channel, Twitter, Discord

By using Raise Finance Application and investing in our token, you will be deemed to have:

(I) read the Legal notice and other informational materials about the operation of the Raise Finance Application.

(II) confirmed that you are not based in a jurisdiction where buying, trading, and/or owning our token or other Cryptocurrencies would be prohibited or restricted in any manner. The Raise Finance APP is not available in Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Liberia, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Antigua, United States, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, United States Minor Outlying Islands, US Virgin Islands, Belarus, Albania, Burma, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lybia, Somalia, Yemen, United Kingdom, Thailand.

(III) understood that, despite our best efforts, there can still be exploitedrisks that exist within the app. (Please do not invest more than you can afford to lose.)



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Raise Finance

Raise Finance


A platform for decentralized on-chain payments, fundraising, and investments built on #zkSync and Governed by Raise DAO Website: www.raisefinance.io