Raise Finance’s — Raise launchpad final Testnet is live on ZkSync

Raise Finance
2 min readNov 15, 2022


Step 1. Get some free Goerli ETH

To start things off, as the ZkSync 2.0. testnet is running on the Goerli network, you will need to get some free Goerli ETH first for gas.

You also need to fill up some basic info, which can be done for free at https://goerlifaucet.com/.

Step 2. After receiving Goerli ETH

Head to https://portal.zksync.io/ and connect your wallet. You will automatically be asked to add the “zkSync 2.0 testnet Goerli” network.


You may also add the network manually to your metamask.

Network Name: zkSync alpha testnet

New RPC URL: https://zksync2-testnet.zksync.dev

Chain ID: 280


We first go to “Bridge” and then “Deposit” to deposit some from $ETH Goerli to zkSync Goerli. These bridged-free ZkETH tokens will be used for gas fees. Don’t bridge all tokens.

Step 3.

Time to populate(top up) your wallet with Test Raise Tokens and Test USDC tokens.

Option 1.

1. Copy your address in your Metamask wallet:

2. Join Discord if you haven’t already.

3. Request/Mint test tokens by using the below-mentioned command in the #🛠-testnet-faucet channel on Discord. You can mint several times.


/mint (and insert your address in the box)

Option 2.

  1. Head to https://test.raisefinance.io/invest
  2. Press the blue Faucet button on top of the page & post a tweet and receive tokens in a matter of seconds.

Step 4.

  1. Head to https://test.raisefinance.io/stake page
  2. Stake your Test Raise tokens to get the appropriate tier and tickets.

Step 5.

  1. Head to https://test.raisefinance.io/invest page
  2. Choose “Raise Test Sale” card on an upcoming section
  3. Apply and Register for the test sale.

What functions (features) will be tested?

1. Staking

2. Getting tier-level & Tickets

3. Whitelisting mechanism

4. Investing & Purchasing (with test USDC)

5. Claiming tokens & Token distribution.

The Raise Finance App has a good UX. We’ve tried to provide positive experiences that keep a user loyal to the product. We’ve made it simple and easy to use where the user only needs to press the «Register, Accept, Cancel, Approve, Invest, Claim, and Okay» buttons. Just follow the timing on the sales page.

Good luck❤

Learn More About Raise Finance on:

RaisePay wallet Testnet : https://www.raisepay.io/

Raise Launchpad Testnet (completed): test.raisefinance.io

Medium, Telegram Announcement channel, Twitter, Discord

Raise Finance does not guarantee any profits or rewards, and any involvement in this project is entirely at the participant’s own risk. Participation in this project is done solely at the discretion of the individual, and any potential risks should be thoroughly evaluated prior to involvement.

By using Raise Finance Application you will be deemed to have:

(I) read the Legal notice and other informational materials about the operation of the Raise Finance Application.



Raise Finance

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