Raise Finance’s Raise Launchpad product Testing on ZkSync

Bear markets level the playing field by bringing serious projects who are committed to their vision and mission to the forefront.

The Raise Finance Team is excited to announce the launch of our Raise Launchpad product testnet on zkSync, and we invite community members to preview the technology and help us with this testing phase. We have been working hard to build our products.


The Testnet will be conducted on November 15, 2022. There are 5 rounds for users to join the Test IDO event.

  1. Tycoon Round: Only Raise Finance backers are eligible to join this round;
  2. Broker Round: Only early supporters with Layer 2(OG) roles on the Raise Finance Discord server are eligible to join this round. (Follow our TG, Twitter & Discord for more details regarding OG roles) .

What functions (features) will be tested?

1. Staking

2. Getting tier-level & Tickets

3. Whitelisting mechanism

4. Investing & Purchasing (with test USDC)

5. Claiming tokens & Token distribution.

How to participate?

The Raise Finance App has a good UX. We’ve tried to provide positive experiences that keep a user loyal to the product. We’ve made it simple and easy to use where the user only needs to press the «Register, Accept, Cancel, Approve, Invest, Claim, and Okay» buttons.

On November 15, visit the Test Website

1. Connect your MetaMask Wallet;

2. Network: zkSync Goerly;

Metamask will suggest switching the network to zkSync automatically.

3. Stake Raise Test tokens to get a Tier level on the Stake page;

(Test Raise tokens and Test USDC tokens will be claimable according to your Tiers).

The faucet will be available on November 14. Follow our updates

4. Select the Upcoming section & Choose the Raise Test IDO card on Invest page;

5. The rest is easy, just press the «Register, Accept, Cancel, Approve, Invest, Claim, and Okay» buttons.


Raise Finance

Raise Finance is a platform for decentralized on-chain payments (Raise Pay, Raise Store) and fundraising( Raise Launchpad) built on ZkSync 2.0

Raise Pay

Raise Pay is a blockchain-based payment system that allows users to receive instant worldwide on-chain payments in crypto via ZkSync.

· Simple, safe, and fast B2B solution;

· Maximum conversion: the web3 wallet is connected directly to the website/App;

· Raise Pay supports many networks;

· Convenient payment capture on the backend;

· Raise Pay admin page will allow you to manage/track goods, view orders, generate reports, etc.;

· All with little to no coding on your end.

Raise Store

By integrating a raise store solution, users/merchants can create onchain stores on Telegram with a pleasant yet customizable UX/UI, and by connecting Argent, and Metamask wallets, users/merchants can buy/sell goods and services as well as complete on-chain cryptocurrency transactions from anywhere in the world. All data and the admin panel will be managed on Raise Finance app. Receipts will be minted as NFTs.

Raise Launchpad

We operate in a way that aims to stimulate the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Here’s how we make it happen: we find top crypto-blockchain projects that have the potential to create the most impact across the world, and we help by raising funds via conducting token, NFT, and equity sales of these projects. Thus, what we offer these projects is the opportunity to partner up with us and take a big step forward, together.

Currently, products are in the testing phase (MVP). Onboarding Beta customers. More details -here


ZkSync is a Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum that offers low gas and fast transactions, without compromising on security.

Learn More About Raise Finance on:

Testnet: test.raisefinance.io
More info here.
Medium, Telegram Announcement channel, Twitter, Discord

By using Raise Finance Application and investing in our token, you will be deemed to have:

(I) read the Legal notice and other informational materials about the operation of the Raise Finance Application.



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Raise Finance

Raise Finance


A platform for decentralized on-chain payments, fundraising, and investments built on #zkSync and Governed by Raise DAO Website: www.raisefinance.io