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Legal Disclaimer*

Please be aware that the possession and investment in our token does not guarantee any rewards, profits, ownership of company shares, or other similar benefits. The value of our token can be volatile and is subject to market fluctuations, which may result in a partial or total loss of investment. We do not guarantee the future value of our token, and we do not provide any investment advice or recommendations. Therefore, we strongly advise that you conduct your own research and assess your personal risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.

What is Raise Finance?

Raise Finance is an innovative ecosystem of blockchain-based services designed to transform the way we engage with e-commerce, gaming, payments, fundraising, billing, and other applications. Our product line includes Raise Wallet, RaisePay, and RaiseFinance solutions, all built on cutting-edge blockchain technology. With a commitment to providing seamless user experiences and unparalleled ease of use, our platform aims to revolutionize the way people interact with blockchain services.

To further enhance the connection between the project and users, we are excited to introduce the RAISE token. This governance and utility token will provide users with additional benefits and features within the Raise Finance ecosystem.

What are the use cases of the RAISE token?



When users stake 1 RAISE token, they will receive 1 gRAISE token in return. gRAISE tokens will be used for governance voting, where each token equals one vote for a proposal.

gRAISE token holders can actively participate in the decision-making process by voting on proposals related to policies, development, and the future direction of the project proportional to their holdings. This includes decisions related to fee/commission settings for the Raise Finance product line, as well as product features, upgrades, and other strategic decisions. Through the governance process, token holders can help to ensure alignment with user interests, promote a more decentralized and equitable ecosystem, and drive long-term success.

We take compliance with all relevant laws and regulations very seriously and are working to ensure that our governance processes are fully compliant.

Gas fee token

The RAISE token will be one of the payment options for transaction fees along with other tokens like USDC, USDT (the list is subject to change). Users opting out to pay with RAISE will not be charged additional paymaster fee on top of network fee so, paying with RAISE will be a relatively cheaper option concerning gas fees.


A portion of the fees collected across all Raise Finance products will be used to buy back RAISE tokens from the market and transfer them to our treasury. Specifically, 20% of the fees collected will be allocated towards this initiative.

Fee subsidy

gRAISE token holders will be able to enjoy a limited number of completely subsidized transactions (gasless transactions) depending on their gRAISE token holdings. RaiseFinance store owners who staked their RAISE tokens will be able to subsidize transactions for their users.

Subscription trials

If a merchant enables a grace period for subscriptions (trials), gRAISE token holders can try the product before paying. If the user likes the service and hasn’t canceled their subscription before the trial period ends, payments will be automatically charged.


We’ve also introduced a cashback option for users who make purchases in our partner stores. When a user receives cashback, a percentage of collected fees will be converted to RAISE and given to the user at the end of the month. Cashback percentage will be subject to change by the governance decision.

Stake to access features

gRAISE token holders, users will gain access to advanced product features, Raise wallet name service, and our fundraising platform, where stakers can participate in exciting new projects from our Raise Finance ecosystem.

Token burn

To ensure the stability and security of the platform, we’ve introduced a commission for early unstaking tokens. When users unstake tokens before the minimal staking period, a commission of 5% of the total amount will be charged and burned.

Although we plan to provide more utility, we cannot ensure any profits from token purchases.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (fixed)


20% Incentives are allocated to users and partners, which includes merchants, enterprises, online businesses, web3 projects, games, consumers, etc. 1-year lock, distributed evenly over the course of 10 years to ensure strong business incentives for Raise Finance users. Depending on the type of user and incentive, this allocation is subject to vary in terms of lock period, amounts, type, and other conditions.

15% is allocated to the Team

1-year lock, then released quarterly over the course of 48 months

25% is allocated to RaiseDAO treasury dedicated to fulfilling the products’ vision

2 years lock, then released quarterly over the course of 60 months

2% is allocated to Advisors

TGE 15%, then released monthly over the course of 8 months

2.45% is allocated to Angel (Seed) investors

TGE 15%, then released monthly over the course of 8 months

7.55 % Liquidity incentives

18% is allocated to future strategic partners (VCs)

2 — Years lock, then released quarterly over the course of 48 months

4% Private token sale round

TGE 20%, then released monthly over the course of 4 months

6% Community access program

TGE 20%, then released monthly over the course of 8 months

About Raise Finance

Our product line includes Raise Wallet, RaisePay, and RaiseFinance solutions, all built on cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Raise Wallet

Introducing the Raise Wallet — a revolutionary, self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that is paving the way for secure and seamless payments. Our wallet is built on the latest account abstraction technology (ERC-4337), combining breakthroughs in blockchain scalability with layer 2 networks and advances in smart contract accounts architecture.

With a focus on convenience, our users can effortlessly create a secure wallet using their email or social media accounts and biometric sensors like fingerprint or FaceID. This provides an easy and cost-effective way to access apps, games, e-commerce, and media content without incurring high transaction costs.

We also offer additional features such as subscriptions, permissioned sessions, multiple transaction batching, and paying fees in tokens like USDT, USDC, and RAISE. Our wallet recovery technique enhances wallet security and provides recovery options for users who have lost access to their wallets.

Our user-friendly onboarding process takes an average of just 90 seconds for new users to create a wallet, top up their balance using a credit card, and make their first payment. The wallet opens directly in a new browser window, eliminating the need for installation and allowing users to quickly and effortlessly set up their wallet.


Introducing RaisePay — the streamlined payment solution that leverages the power of the Raise Wallet to enable easy and fast onboarding and on-chain payments. Our solution is tailored for various applications, web3 games, e-commerce, and online businesses, providing them with a hassle-free payment experience.

Our platform offers various RaisePay widgets catered to specific business needs, such as online media publishers, e-commerce websites, or games. By utilizing account abstraction technology and improving the user experience, businesses can unlock new levels of growth and stay ahead of the competition.

With RaisePay, businesses can benefit from the security and convenience of the Raise Wallet, while users can enjoy a seamless payment experience. By integrating RaisePay into their platform, businesses can offer their customers a hassle-free payment experience, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

RaiseFinance Pilot

The RaiseFinance Pilot Dashboard is a comprehensive solution for organizations to manage various aspects of their operations. With its user-friendly interface, businesses can create on-chain organizations and easily generate RaisePay widgets, set up periodic autopayments, manage wages, generate invoices, pay bills, check receipts, view financial data, and generate financial reporting — all in one place.

Unlike traditional DAOs where completely decentralized decision-making can stall processes, the Pilot dashboard provides organizations with the flexibility to set their level of decentralization at various organizational levels. This approach ensures efficient decision-making while avoiding the pitfalls of a fully centralized system.

The RaiseFinance Pilot Dashboard is a powerful tool that streamlines financial operations, enhances transparency, and optimizes efficiency for businesses. With its intuitive interface and robust functionality, it enables organizations to focus on their core objectives, raise funds, and achieve sustainable growth. Join us on our mission to revolutionize financial operations for businesses with the RaiseFinance Pilot Dashboard.

RaiseFinance Fundraising platform

The RaiseFinance Fundraising platform is an exciting opportunity for businesses to secure funding and enhance their growth potential within the Raise Finance ecosystem. By utilizing the Raise wallet and the Pilot dashboard, businesses can tap into the power of account abstraction, elevate user experience, and access funding opportunities through the support of $gRAISE token holders.

Through this initiative, businesses can raise funds and engage with $gRAISE token holders, enabling them to finance their operations and enhance their opportunities. Raise DAO members closely monitor the achievements and revenues of the projects managed through the Pilot dashboard to ensure that only the most promising and well-established projects are given the opportunity to utilize the fundraising platform.

Our primary objective is to foster success and empower businesses within the Raise Finance ecosystem. By providing access to funding opportunities and utilizing cutting-edge technology, we are committed to supporting businesses in achieving their growth potential.

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Raise Finance does not guarantee any profits or rewards, and any involvement in this project is entirely at the participant’s own risk. Participation in this project is done solely at the discretion of the individual, and any potential risks should be thoroughly evaluated prior to involvement.

By using Raise Finance Application you will be deemed to have:

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